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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Handover Ceremony of Solar System Construction Project

May 12, 2010: At the head office of Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary, FWFCC performed the handover of The Solar System Construction Project that WFCC had carried out its construction & installation of the solar renewable energy system to every ranger station of the wildlife sanctuary during 2001-2006 which first started at Mae Kasa ranger station on December 24, 2001 just the day after the auspicious ritual ceremony of the finished reconstruction of The Hermit Shrine that WFCC designed and collaborated which hold high spiritual respects of all Thungyai officials and its rangers, and eventually ended up with the construction of 1 kilowatt solar system at Maharaja station in year 2006 on August 14.

Mr.Roengchai Prayoonvej, director of The Administrative Office of The Protected Forest Region 3, presided over as a chairperson of the handover ceremony accompanied by Mr.Urb Choeng-sa-ard, diredector of wildlife division and DNP officials, and Miss Weraya Ochakul, superintendent of Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary, and its officials & rangers while David Butler and Binnan, FWFCC co-founders, represented on behalf of FWFCC.

After the report stating of the Solar System Construction Project was done, the picture frame of the first tiger photo taken form the first Thungyai Tiger Research in year 2006 that driven by the organizing and supporting of WFCC which power by the renewable energy of this project was also handed to director Roengchai as a commemorative symbol of the handover of this project.

The benefits & signicances of the huge investment in time & bugget consuming project which WFCC had input its effort & endeavor carrying out one of its forestry infra structure project, actually the mandatory mechanism of all forests, that needed a strong determination and enormous will power to overcome all obstacles and barriers of all kinds of travelling conditions in all seasons and the series of the monsoons through the great mountainous pristine forest, that turned transportation missions of needed tools, equipments, supplies and tons of the construction materials along with other ranger patrol supplies e.g., equipments, food, medicine etc., to be "The Impossible Missions"

Could be apparently noticed by the various dimensions in operational effectiveness that driven by the renewable solar energy of all ranger stations that spreaded through the huge area of this great forest, which is still functioning and driving all electrical equipments, especially all its radio stations and the Hermit, the central radio communicative station, the net controll of Thungyai that WFCC also started its construction in year 2003, till nowadays.

The main target of all our attempts in this endeavor project aiming & resulting in better effectiveness of the ranger patrol of the the wildlife sanctuary both in preventive & protective aspects beside responding the mandatory project for the preparation of the Tiger Research Project that successfully followed later on as planned.

And the ultimate and utmost benefits of this project fall in better safeguarding the nature and wildlife of the world heritage forest for the sake of mankind and this fragile world.


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