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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Radio Tower Construction Project for Thungyai East's Headquarter

During 19 - 23 March, 2008, WFCC headed north to carry out the 180 feet Radio Tower onstruction Porject for the radio net controll station of Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary(east) at its head office in Tak province as requested by chief Sompong Thongseekhem, superintendent of the wildlife sanctuary due to its radio tower accidentally had collapsed down causing by the hit of one big tree branch that fell down and broke the northern tensioned cable of the 180 feet guy wire radio tower which not only damaged the tall radio tower itself but also its head office building both inside and out side as well.

As this radio tower is a crucial structure of the radio net controll of the wildlife sanctuary at its head office that operates Thungyai east frequency of both receiving and transmeitting routine daily and urgent messages to its network radio stations that spread through the huge area of the great forest, hence, WFCC promptly listed the Radio Tower Construction Project for Thungyai east in its urgent project list.

Then WFCC hurridly speed up all the processes and the construction mission from the examining and evaluating the project and all possible solutions, repairing the damage radio sections and producing the new noes, the redesign of the new guy wire radio tower, the acquistions of new antennas, cable, wire, turn buckets and all other needed construction material, tools, equipments, supplies, etc., to the final stage of the construction mission of the new radio tower and its system that started from late January 2008, till the urgently needed risk-taking porject completed on Marh 23, 2008, totalling effort and time input in this endeavour project is all about 60 days.

On March 18, 2008, when all every task of the preparation process finished, WFCC then, headed north to carry out its 7 days mission, the las stage of the construction of the new radio tower for Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary(east),
participating by officials and rangers of the wildlife sanctuary and WFCC that accompanying with Mr.David Kucera, Checz Republic, who also collaborated in this mission and redered the financial support to the patrolling of Thungyai rangers on behalf of The Checz Republic as proposed and organized by WFCC.

Many hours of tough driving through 1,219 curves along the long and winding 'Road of Death' to Um Phang till the wildlife sanctuary, many burning fields set by hill tribe farmers as the primitive method of land preparation for the coming planting season that caused more global warming were spotted in the vast area along the raod sides. And after 4 hard and risky days of the endeavor project passed, finally the new 180 feet guy wire radio tower had successfully erected at its original spot with 2 new dipole antennas and coaxial cable installed which wired with more tensioned cables installed than before so that to strengthen the tall radio tower even more.

And when the radio net controller could retrive all the potentialities of his radio station, the center radio station of Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctaury(east), that efficiently responsed to all dimentions of the routine daily operations of this immense radio station which reinforce and back up all its rangers through its network stations that spread and cover the huge area of this pristine forest in their crucial patrolling to protect the priceless nature and wildlife of the great natural world heritage forest, then WFCC retreated back through the "Road of Death" to its stronghold fortification and ended up its another urgent and significant project, as the 1,600 Km. mission was totally completed.


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